a love through time series



Fans of Nicholas Sparks, and Nora Roberts will highly enjoy the heartbreaking love and passion of Chasing Time.

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How long would you wait for love?

How hard would you fight for it?


Samantha Johnson never thought she would meet her soul mate at the age of five. Yet she is undeniably in love with the man that has always been there for her. He is her strength, but life doesn't always go the way we plan, and he is about to rip her heart to pieces.


Jonathan Smith doesn’t believe in love. His parents' failed marriage is just another testament of its deception. A mistake he will never make. No exceptions. He only needs one thing, Sam. His best friend. She knows him better than anyone, and he owes her everything.


Until one fated night, and five unforgettable words, changed their lives forever.

Now, thousands of miles apart, they will be forced to build a new life. Yet sometimes the worst of heartbreaks are meant to be.


Can they find their way back to each other, or does true love have an expiration date?

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Could you give up your happiness for someone else's?


After finally embracing his love for Samantha, Jonathan has left the pain behind, and is ready to be with her forever. There is only one problem. Christopher Ainsworth owns the other half of her heart. Life, has once again, pulled Samantha right out of  Jonathan's arms, and regardless of how certain he is that they belong to each other, fate is about to put them through the hardest test of all.


Samantha's heart is finally whole after obtaining the one thing she always wished for … Jonathan's love. But her heart might have healed just to be ripped all over again. Back in Christopher's arms, she is forced to make the hardest decision of her life. Yet, the love she feels for him, might force her to renounce the happiness she so desperately longs for, as she tries her hardest not to hurt the man she owes so much to.


   Is it possible to make ourselves love the person we "should," or can the love we have been destined for, really conquer all?

Exclusively on Amazon, Free on KU


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