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Enter to win all signed paperbacks!


Do you love reading about bad-ass Dragons and their Fearless Riders? Want to win the ULTIMATE SET of the most amazing Dragon stories by ten incredible authors? 

Then let your little bookworm heart rejoice,

because your chance is here!

And that is not even the best part. TWO WINNERS will be chosen!

1st place wins all 11 paperbacks signed by these amazing authors, 2nd place wins all 11 e-books!

Check out the AMAZING BOOKS you can win!

Did I mention all you have to do is join the Participating Authors' Newsletters,

and you are in for a chance to WIN BIG?

The Giveaway is international, so click the link below to enter today.

Want 10 more chances to win? Just follow the authors on Bookbub.

The more options you choose, the more chances you have to WIN!! 


*Giveaway is open from Nov 1st to Nov 30th!

Enter the giveaway!


★⚔️🔥Good luck!🔥⚔️★ 

By entering this giveaway you agree to join and receive newsletters from: Stephany Wallace, SJ West, JL Weil, KN Lee, Karen Tomlinson, Sarah Noffke, Eileen Mueller, Sarah K. L. Wilson, Rachel Jonas, Ashley McLeo.

Please note that your information will remain private, and will only be provided to the participating authors as you agree to receive news about their books, giveaways, new releases, sales, and upcoming work. Your information will not be shared with any one else. *This giveaway is GDPR  compliant.* 



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