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Beast of Shadow & Light, The Curse of the Lycan, Book 1—A Wolf Shifter Romantasy, signed by the author and artist, Stephany Wallace.

The story is an exciting new take on Wolf Shifters with a sexy Royal twist! 


For fans of Romantasy____________________________________________________________


★Astral Product details★

This black and white, paperback, comes with the beautiful official book cover. It also has one mesmerizing illustration, printed on premium cream paper. 6x9 print book.


This print edition has been professionally and beautifully illustrated inside and out by the author and artist, Stephany Wallace.  ©2024 Stephany Wallace

Beast of Shadow & Light, Paperback, Stephany Wallace, Shifter Romance

Estimated to ship mid June
  • I barely escaped with my life…

    In the dusky woods of Fairbanks Alaska, the tale of a monster was born. But that’s just a scary story, right? Wrong. I'm Lucy Adler, and after walking through the forest one night, I discovered the legend is real, and the danger is greater than we imagined. 

    Yet, no one believes me.

    As the bizarre killings begin, I set out to prove the Beast exists, but a mysterious stranger soon derails me, stealing my resolve  with one look.

    The closer I get to the monster, the more attracted I am to Will—the scrumptious yet infuriating outsider. Still, I’ll do whatever it takes to prove this isn’t just a legend.

    Am I brave enough to face the Beast and survive?

    For fans of Romantasy, __________________________________

    ***This series is recommended for readers 16 and older due to a scrumptiously sexy Beast. It contains provocative, steamy scenes, and light cursing.

    • Tropes
    • RH/Why Choose Romance
    • Fated Mates
    • Slow burn
    • Shadow Daddy
    • Bad Boy
    • Touch her and Die
    • Kidnapped
    • Chosen/Found Family
    • Vampire Romance
    • Werewolf/shifter romance
    • Alpha/Omega


    • The guys
    • A Dark & Dangerous Lord of Twilight
    • A Scary yet Sexy Vampire 
    • A Moody Wolf Shifter Prince 


    ★A Note from the Author★

    Forged by Fire, A reverse Harem Romance, is set in the connected worlds of The Curse of the Lycan & Dynasty of Blood series. These series can be read on their own, but contain crossovers, and some of the original characters will make cameo appearances in Forged by Fire. If you loved Of Wolves and Deceit and want to know the original worlds, we recommend you read the Curse of the Lycan and the Dynasty of Blood Saga, in that order, to fully immerse yourself in these exciting, steamy, and addictive stories.


    **Books in the connected worlds**

    • The Curse of the Lycan
    • *A Wolf Shifters, Forbidden Love Romance.*
    • Beast of Shadow & Light, Book 1
    • Slayer of Hope & Sorrow, Book 2
    • Knight of Iron & Stone, Book 3
    • Queen of War & Peace, Book 4
    • Wolf Prince, Book 5
    • Dark Wolf, Book 6


    • Dynasty of Blood Saga
    • *A Vampire, Enemies to Lovers Romance.*
    • Cursed by Darkness, Book 1
    • Claimed by Darkness, Book 2
    • Consumed by Darkness, Book 3
    • Countess of Darkness, Book 4

    Tags: Stephany Wallace, RH books, Romantasy, Why Choose



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