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The Kingdom of Peace





Massive white wings folded before he landed in the courtyard, the paved floor trembling under his feet from the force and exuding a ripple of power that shook the Crystal Palace. The wisps of clouds that drifted from the sky below us, lingering over the ground like mist, swiftly dispersed. 

Heart racing, my eyes snapped to the rivulets of blood curling along his right arm and chest, and I whirled from the window, gripping the skirt of my dress as I ran to his side. 

“Michael! What has happened?” I called for him, asking the question although I already knew the answer.

Crossing the tall archways into the white hall, he stalked towards me, the dancing flames of his fiery sword extinguishing when he sheathed it. Michael’s steps slowed, coming to a stop before me while his chest rose and fell with barely controlled emotions. Without a word, my hands immediately flew to his chest, a golden glow emanating from them and knitting together the slashes caused by the only kind of weapon that could hurt an immortal Archangel… 

A blade forged in the Crystal Palace. 

Lucifer’s crimson sword.

Michael’s commanding stare held my eyes, both pain and determination capturing his features as he cradled my cheek. “He is truly lost to us… This was his last test, and he failed. My brother won’t stop until he destroys the human world.”

Hurt spread through my soul with the meaning in his words. “What will you do?”

Leaning in, he closed his lips over mine, placing a loving and thankful kiss there before he lifted his head. When his crystalline blue eyes held my gaze again, the pain inside him intensified, but so did his resolve. “I must end this, once and for all.”

The warmth of his touch left me as he marched past me, now fully healed, heading for the vast gardens that extended behind the palace.

“How can I help?” I called after him, causing him to stop and glance at me over his shoulder.

“Summon my Hand. I’ll be with Father.”

With a nod, I whirled and crossed the archways in the opposite direction. Golden wings surged from my back and lifted me into the air with urgency, taking me towards the training grounds. The sound of clashing swords, spears, and bursts of light power reached me before Michael’s Legion of Warrior Angels came into view.

Deciding it best not to land, my eyes dutifully searched while I hovered over the Legion. I promptly found the brothers among the training warriors, busy sparring and handing out commands. 

“Archangel Michael has summoned his Hand!” I announced, my voice carrying over the entire grounds and echoing in the wind. All sparring ceased instantly.

Alwin’s, Libin’s, and Barak’s heads turned in my direction. 

“Darius, continue the teachings as instructed,” Barak ordered, waving him and two others toward him. 

The Angels took over the session, and without the need for explanation, Michael’s Hand flew towards me, bowing their heads in respect once they reached me. 

“He’s with our High Father, in the gardens,” I informed.

With a thankful nod, Alwin flew past me, followed by his brothers. I joined them.

Colorful flower beds, and lush green plants rustled with the swirling breeze our wings created once we landed. A familiar wave of peace and unconditional acceptance swept over us, exuding naturally from our High Father to bathe the land, Michael, and us. 

“Fathers,” Barak greeted amid their conversation, calling their attention to us. 

“Thank you,” Michael offered to me, taking my hand in his when I reached his side. 

Flanked by his brothers, Libin stood before us, all three of them bowing their heads. “You summoned us, Father?”

“Yes. I have a mission for you and your brothers, Li,” Michael confirmed. “My meeting with Lucifer proved he is no longer able to see the truth, nonetheless, I wish for him to return to the light. He must be removed from Earth.”

“From Earth? Is he no longer in the Kingdom of the Fallen?” Alwin asked, the notion deeply troubling.

“No. He has been among humans for a while now, Al.”

Confusion and concern spread over Alwin’s and Libin’s features. Barak’s, on the other hand, filled with duty and determination. 

“It will be our honor to strike down the shadow of evil from the Kingdom of Innocents, Fathers,” Barak vowed, gripping the crystal sword at his hip, a parallel of Michael’s.

Although all Angel souls were created and brought to life by our father Himself, Michael had imbued his light and essence into the three souls now before us, making them his sons just as the rest of us were the High Father’s sons and daughters. 

Michael had created them in his image and likeness, given them life, and trained them. They were an extension of him, and any action taken by Alwin, Libin, and Barak was as honorable and final as that taken by Archangel Michael—greatest of all heavenly sons, Commander of the Silver Legion against the forces of evil, and protector of the children of earth. 

Because of it, the title of Michael’s Hand was placed upon them. 

“We are thankful for your vow, Rac. Nevertheless, that is not the reason I have summoned you. Bringing my brother back is my responsibility, and no one else’s.” Michael paused, exchanging a glance with our father, who placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. 

“You carry a great burden, Son, but I trust you. I know that whatever you decide must be done to bring Lucifer back to the light, will be the right thing to do. Bring my son to me so his soul can begin to heal. You have my confidence and my blessing.”

“Thank you, Father.” Michael’s gaze turned to his sons. “Today a truth came to light, one that Lucifer has kept hidden from us for the last twenty-one years. He has an heir.”

My hand flew to my mouth with his declaration, my shock echoed by Libin, Barak, and Alwin, who stepped forwards as I gasped. 

“I will return to Earth to search for my brother, but I need you to find out who his successor is, and whether or not their soul has been tinged by Lucifer’s insatiable need for vengeance and destruction. Uncover the heir, assess their intentions, and act accordingly.”

“As you wish,” Libin promised with a nod. When he noticed the High Father walking up to him, he fell to one knee in absolute veneration. His brothers followed suit.

“Barak,” our father began, placing a hand upon his head. “Wielder of Righteousness and Consequence. Should you find the heir to be in lieu with Lucifer’s plans for destruction, I trust you to deal justice to them swiftly and without hesitation. Please stop them from hurting the Kingdom of Innocents any further.”

A slow step took him to the next brother, His touch settling onto him too. 

“Libin, Wielder of Honor and Truth. Only your heart can see beyond prejudice or expectation. No destiny is set in stone, and there are many paths the heir might choose. I trust you to uncover the good deep inside them and bring it to light.”

With one more step, He placed His hand on the last brother.

“Alwin, Wielder of Justice and Impartiality. The balance of Truth and Righteousness lies at your feet. I trust you to be the steady force between them, assuring the correct decision is made regarding the heir and their future.”

“And so it shall be,” the brothers answered in unison, rising to their full height once the High Father stepped back.

“My brother’s last sighting of was in Portland, Oregon, in the United States,” Michael resumed his instructions. “He’s been there a few times, and I have reason to believe it is because of his successor. Whatever they are planning will be unleashed there, so we will all be descending to Portland.” His gaze turned to Alwin. “We don’t know how long it will take to find the heir, so accommodations have been secured. Blend in among the humans.” 

He handed a paper with further instructions to Libin, and without hesitation, his sons’ massive, pearly white wings expanded, lifting them off the garden.

“Should we seek you once we capture the heir, Father?” Barak asked, hovering before us.

“First, I must locate my brother. Only then, will I find you.” A heavy breath sank Michael’s chest, and he lifted his gaze, regarding each of them grimly. “If you find darkness within the heir too, do what must be done. The Kingdom of the Fallen must not be dragged into shadows any longer. It is your mission to stop it, by any means necessary.” 

With one last bow, Libin, Barak, and Alwin dove into the air, disappearing among the clouds below us.


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