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When I was boy, I used to dream that I could fly…

Yeah, I know how weird that sounds, but it wasn’t your run-of-the-mill fantasy, where you see yourself soaring through the sky like Superman, or somehow magically “floating” in the clouds.

It was real… more real than anything I have ever experienced.

I say it was real, because I could actually feel the breeze on my skin, swirling around my body as I glided through the air above a multihued paradise. The smell of wet grass along vast green mountains became alive with the remnants of the midnight rain, and the grand lake reflected the blue sky like a sparkling mirror.

Every detail was vibrant and fresh. Warm sun rays bathed me, reminding me of the weekends spent with my parents at the beach, before… Anyway, I could even see the mist of the clouds swaying with the flap of my vast wings, while a hoard of Dragons flanked me—my brothers and sisters.

Did I forget to mention that in my dreams it “felt” like I was a Dragon?

By now you are probably writing me off as mentally unstable, I would too—trust me—but what would you say if you could see me now? No, I’m not a Dragon, nor can I turn into one. I’m something far, far better.

If only I knew then, what I know now…

“Brax! Can you see it?”

My attention shifted to the rider beside me. The simple presence of my name on her lips asserted my place here. “Yes, we are almost there.”

With her nod and a determined smile, our gazes returned to the horizon. The Hollow, also known as the Crimson Fortress, rose ominously ahead of us, and my destiny finally began to unfold.

“It’s time. Are you with me?”


The weight of our cause had settled onto my shoulders not long ago, but it was a load I was honored to carry. With a steadying breath, we exchanged a final glance and I stood on the back of my winged ride, focusing on the army flying below us. It was time to end this war once and for all.

This was it. This was the reason I was born.

“Let’s do this!” I called to her and turned around, running along the spine of my scale-covered friend and jumping off him the next second. The frantic breeze swirled around my outstretched arms, its cool and smooth caress reaching every inch of my skin as I glided towards the next Dragon—feeling just like it once did in my dreams.

Oh, yeah, the dreams.

So, what am I, you wonder? The answer is something I could have never thought possible…

I am the Dragon Master.

Copyright © 2020 Stephany Wallace. All rights reserved.

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