a fae urban fantasy &
paranormal romance collection

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Wings of Change, A Faeries of Aērelis Academy Novella.

Available only in the Wings of Fate Anthology!

Since the beginning of time, the true power of the Fae lay in Aērelis, land of the Elemental Faeries… until the ˈlēTHəl attacked, draining our magic.


From that day on, no Faery has been able to wield the elements again.


Although powerless, our greatest purpose remains to train warriors in Aērelis Academy, where every five years a single graduate is selected to join our queen’s private guard. And nothing is going to stop me from being the one.


Enter Cyan Collins, a last-minute addition to my class. He is faster, stronger, annoying, and so freaking hot that it's messing with my mind. Something sinful simmers in his eyes, but his mere presence threatens everything I've worked so hard to achieve.


As dangerous events start to befall the kingdom, fear that the ˈlēTHəl have returned awakens in our people, but could the sexy newcomer have something to do with it?



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Now Available!

Never trust the fae… even if you fall in love.


Everyone knows there are rules to dealing with the fae. Never stand in a fairy ring. Don’t eat any food they give you, don’t take gifts, and never--never--follow one home.


But what happens when the rules don’t apply--when your fate is wrapped up in the gossamer wings of the fae?


Fall under a fairy spell in this collection of urban fantasy and paranormal romance tales by New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling authors.


Whether they’re part of the Seelie or Unseelie courts, Winter or Summer, the fae of these tales will charm and beguile you.


Lose yourself in the fairy lands of fae lords and ladies, kings and queens, and worlds full of fairies, gnomes, goblins, leprechauns, elves, pixies, sprites, sylphs, and more.


Order your copy now, and let The Sidhe enchant you!

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