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Dynasty of Blood

a spicy fantasy romance

The Bestselling, Complete 4 Book Series!

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Two forces rule the world—Fear and Desire. Vampires are masters of both.


3,000 years ago, the first Vampiri walked the earth. The Ancients. They’ve lived among humans ever since—ruling from the shadows—and I am one of them.


Though most of our power comes in numbers, I reject that way of life. Being a mercenary not only pays well, it also requires ruthless skills—and I don’t care much for humans… except for one.


Wanting me to choose their side in the Străbun Dynasties’ battle for supremacy, the Martel Dynasty has hunted me for centuries, but I’ve remained just out of their reach. Until a new bounty-hunter crashes one of my kill-jobs, forcing me to save my mark, Mathew Delvaux, and take him with me during my escape.


Having to babysit a human while vile huntsmen try to abduct me, was not part of the plan, but for the first time in three millennia all four clans are after me, and I suspect that Mathew is the only one who can help me figure out why.

Exclusively on Amazon Free on KU


Exclusively on Amazon Free on KU


Two forces destroy the world—Power and Greed. Vampires crave both.


Supernatural forces have controlled this world since the beginning of history. Insatiable, they rule it from the shadows, and now, I’m certain of only two things…


One—I fell in love with a Vampire. Dariah… A woman more dangerous than anything I’ve ever uncovered. Two months after I last saw her, and free from the hypnotic effect of her feeding, I thought that was the end for us, but fate has other plans.


Two—I have a Vampire Ancient in my secret lab. One imprisoned thousands of years ago and left to desiccate in a cave for eternity. He was put there for a reason, but even as my friends beg me to let it go, there is something inside me that wants to awake him.


Kidnaped by someone I trust, I’ll discover Vampires have been in my life for longer than I imagined. The worst part is, the four dynasties are trying to kill me, and I dragged Zoe and Alfie into this mess.


I know what I did to deserve this, but one question remains… Will I survive it?

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Exclusively on Amazon Free on KU


Two forces feed the world—Hate and Vengeance. Vampires are wielders of both…


I’ve spent my life alone. Running. Hiding from the dynasties that mean to control me. Turning into a weapon to fight those looking to kill me. And making sure Liam, the human who changed my life, is safe. Until Liviana, Princess to the Roman Dynasty, captured Liam, forcing me to choose between him and Mathew, and then killed Liam in front of my eyes.


I’m done running, and I’m no longer alone.


With Mathew and our friends fighting by my side, I’m stronger than ever, and the weapon the dynasties created is coming for them. But as I’m face to face with Augustus, betrayal finds me, and I’m asked once again to make a choice.


 My freedom, or Mathew’s.


Unwilling to risk the life of the man I love, I’ll surrender to those monsters, not knowing If I’ll ever be free again, or what I’ll be forced to do. Now, only one thing will keep me going, the hope of one day being with Mathew again.

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Two forces save the world—Supremacy and Magic. Vampires will bow to both…


I finally know who I am.


After almost being killed by Augustus, and forced to leave Mathew to keep him safe, I find myself in the hands of the French Dynasty.


Yet, instead of a dungeon, I find a home. Just as I feel hope, I discover that betrayal runs deeper than I could have ever expected, seeing my worst fears come true. Once again in danger, the man I sought to protect, comes to saves me, revealing secrets that will shatter everything I ever believed.


Reunited with my father, and in control of my new destiny, I will make unexpected alliances to end my enemies once and for all.


I, will lead the Vampir War to reclaim my kingdom.

Exclusively on Amazon Free on KU


I thought making it through Christmas Eve would be easy…

What the hell was I thinking?


I should have known that with a brand new empire under my ruling, an evil Witch not on the guest list, a Gargoyle Shifter, Vampire Slayers, and humans all in the crazy mix that was my family, things would be everything but perfect.


Whoever said Happily Ever After was the end, clearly didn't know any Vampires.


The question remains, will we survive this party, or be forever changed by it?

Now included in Countess of Darkness, Book 4!



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