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scheduling & cancellation policies


Beginning Jan 1st, 2024, all services scheduled will require a 50% deposit of the service value in order for the date to be reserved exclusively for the author. If the author proceeds with their service as scheduled, the other 50% will be due once the service is completed by Stephany/S.W. Creative Publishing co. In the event the date is missed by the author, cancelled/rescheduled at the last minute, the 50% deposit fee is non-refundable.


Beginning Jan 1st, 2024, all cancellations may be done (for any reason) two weeks prior to the scheduled date confirmed by the author. This will allow Stephany/S.W. Creative Publishing co enough time to offer the newly available date to another interested author in need of a service, as well as help Stephany/S.W. Creative Publishing co recoup any loss the cancellation may cause. In the event the date is missed by the author or cancelled outside of those two weeks before the scheduled date, the 50% deposit fee is non-refundable—to help cover the loss of time and money Stephany/S.W. Creative Publishing suffered.

NOTE: Please do not schedule any service if you will not have the money to pay by the date you have scheduled. Most services take 1 to 2 days and invoices are due upon receipt. If you need payment assistance, ask me about available payment plan options. If you know you will have the money for the service at a later date, please let me know upfront and you will be scheduled for a more suitable date. 

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to any of my existing or future clients, unfortunately, there had been too many losses due to this during this year and I need to protect my business and myself professionally. 

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.


Stephany Wallace

how it works

For "bigger" service packages like interior design & formatting, book trailers, etc.

step 1: I work on your scheduled service as agreed. Once the work is fully completed, I will notify you and send you the invoice, then, as soon as the payment is received, I will send you a link to download your files.

step 2: You review everything and let me know if there is something you'd like changed, or if anything needs to be corrected. 

step 3: I proceed to make those changes for you and send the updated files to you for review and confirmation that everything is as you wanted, or recommend an alternative if by some reason the changes requested might alter/affect the design. If you ended up loving absolutely everything after your initial review on Step 2, then that’s it! 


my promise: I take pride in running my business with honesty and integrity. Payment does not mean our relationship is over,  it just means I am getting paid because I already completed the work as scheduled. I’ll always work with you to make sure you love your design, and that means making the changes you want or need. 💜

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions or concerns.


Stephany Wallace

available services

Author Logos, Signature Cards, Fantasy Banners, and everything that will help you identify your brand and make it shine.


E-book & Print Cover designs specially created for your story.

E-book & Print Design inspired by your story.


Character Cards, Bookmarks, and Postcards for your giveaways or gifts!

Cover Reveal , Titles Intro, or mixed, these videos are especially created for your story.


Cover Banners, Group Banners, Website Images, Promo Graphics.

Expo Banners, Bookmarks, Postcard Design.


Custom Series logos especially created for your story.

An Author & Reader Focused design made just for you! No boring-looking sites here!


Line, Copy, and Developmental Editing. EVERYTHING an author needs for Novel Editing, Blurb Editing, and Audiobook Reviews.

Amazon A+ Content Banners 

especially created for your story.


Etsy Banners, Profile Pictures, Book Listing Images, Bookish swag more! 

client testimonials


Stephany is so professional and easy to work with. Her attention to detail makes her an amazing editor.


She's great at finding those tiny lingering plot holes as well as your standard proofreading. I highly recommend her services!

Leia Stone
JL Weil.png

Stephany is an editing whiz. She always works with my schedule, her comments and suggestions are on point, and often goes that extra mile to help polish my manuscript.


She is a gem!

J.L Weil
SJ West.png

Stephany is the absolute best when it comes to cover design, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the formatting of my books! She always knows exactly what I want. It’s almost like she can read my mind. She’s never missed a deadline with me, which is something I always appreciate. She’ll work with you and your ideas until she gets it just right.

For anyone who is looking for a friendly, reliable, and professional designer, feel reassured that that’s exactly what you will get with Stephany.


Love her and her work!

S.J. West
Lela Grayce.png

I’ve used Stephany Wallace for several services but I’ve found her design talent to be extraordinary! I love when a design can take my random idea accompanied with very little detail and create something beautiful and magical! The covers Stephany has designed for me is for a series that is my “come back” so to speak. It’s my hope and dream that these books will be a huge hit but success begins with a fabulous book cover and I’ve certainly got them.

Thank you Stephany for your hard work, dedication, patience, and understanding. I recommend her to literally everyone! You won’t be disappointed!

Lela Grayce
JL Weil.png

I’m absolutely obsessed with the interior formatting Stephany did for my dragon series. Quick turn around and stunning work.


Can’t recommend her services enough!

J.L Weil
Rachel Jonas.png

Every time I work with Stephany, the process is so seamless! She's always friendly, and approachable—attributes we can all appreciate in any professional with whom we partner. And if that's not enough, the work she delivers is phenomenal, making her my go-to for all my bookish needs!

Rachel Jonas
Elisa S. Amore.png

I run a small publishing company and I've worked with lots of editors. Stephany Wallace is by far one of my favorites to work with. She's reliable, fast and always does a great job. She's become my go-to editor for the quality of her work. She also provides useful suggestions to improve the text and the writing.

I love working with Stephany. Highly recommended!

Elisa S. Amore
Ashley McLeo.png

I hired Stephany and she helped me clean up and shape my book to make it clearer, more engaging, and quite simply, a better book. She's timely and professional, which I really appreciate. Stephany is a fantastic editor who goes the extra mile for her clients.

I would hire her again and recommend her services.

Ashley McLeo
C.S. Wilde.png

Stephanie is a brilliant editor, who really looks at the whole picture.


She goes above and beyond to make sure the manuscript shines.

C.S. Wilde
Jennifer Snyder.png

Stephany was professional and easy to work with.


Her creative skills and eye for design helped to create a series of covers

I absolutely love!

Jennifer Snyder
Aaron L Speer.png

I was put on to Stephany through word of mouth, the best type of endorsement you can get. I've never had a more thorough, pleasant, punctual and talented formatter. She's a one stop shop and she has a client in me for as long as she can stand me.

You'd be crazy not to enquire about her services.

Aaron L Speer
Jenna Lee.png

Steph is such a pleasure to work with. She really understood my briefs and brought my visions to life. Even better than I imagined.


I highly recommend Steph not only for her design skills but because she has such a beautiful kind heart.

Jenna Lee
BrittanyAnn Robinson.png

I can not give enough compliments to Stephany for the book cover she designed for me! I threw a couple ideas at her and she brought them to life.


I couldn't have asked for a better design.

BrittanyAnn Robinson
Aubrie Nixon.png

Stephany was brilliant and easy to work with. She knew exactly what I wanted and was quick to turn my vision into an awesome promo trailer!

100% would work with again!

Aubrie Nixon
Dorothy Dreyer.jpg

Stephany was a pleasure to work with. She took our ideas and manifested them into a gorgeous design that was on point to what we wanted.


She is professional and friendly, and we’ll definitely be using her services again.

Dorothy Dreyer
BrittanyAnn Robinson.png

I absolutely loved the way Stephany formatted my book.


Her prices are great, and her vision for the way things should look is amazing.

BrittanyAnn Robinson


As an Artist and a professional designer, I want to take a moment to inform all my clients that I do not, have not, and will never use AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a "tool" for any of my services. I'm highly opposed to that practice. Every single service I offer is fully thought out, planned, designed, and executed by me, Stephany Wallace. As it is common practice by many designers in the industry, I use design elements that aid my process such as stock photos, pre-rendered Daz Characters, Watercolor Paintings/Drawings, and digital Fantasy Backgrounds which I manipulate, illustrate, paint, and update to create a custom creation that represents your story, your characters, you as an author, or even your business. 


All elements used in my designs are purchased from various reputable and well stablished stock photo/art sites like DepositPhotos, Envato Elements, Creative Fabrica, and Adobe Stock, among others. I have standing memberships with them and pay for the license of each and every single one of the chosen elements. I try to be as diligent as I can to make sure none of the elements I obtain have been created with AI, unfortunately, that practice has infected the business and some of the sites we designers use as tools. Many providers within the sites do not even disclose their use of AI, which makes it even more difficult for us to navigate the tricky waters, especially when it is practically impossible to tell the difference.


My promise: I will never knowingly, or willingly, use any AI elements in your design, and I will make a point to train myself in recognizing and avoiding to the best of my ability anything that conflicts with my integrity and honest business practices. I take pride in my business and using my talent/gifts to create beautiful things for my clients. That said, unfortunately, there may be instances in which it's impossible to know whether or not an element created by AI has slipped through undetected into my design, and there is only so much I can control. We are all doing the best we can. However, even if that's ever the case, it will only be an element, your actual design/service has ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS be fully thought out, planned, designed, and created by me personally, and NEVER be generated by a machine. 


I am an artist first and foremost, and I respect art deeply, that will never change.


Continuously aiming to learn, grow, and be better,

Stephany Wallace.


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me by emailing me:

secure payment

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Contact Steph

for any questions or to book a service, email her at

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