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Curse of the Lycan

a spicy fantasy romance


A Six Book Series!

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1. BSL E-BOOK.jpg

I barely escaped with my life…


In the dusky woods of Fairbanks Alaska, the tale of a monster was born. But that’s just a scary story, right? Wrong. I'm Lucy Adler, and after walking through the forest one night, I discovered the legend is real, and the danger is greater than we imagined.


Yet, no one believes me.


As the bizarre killings begin, I set out to prove the Beast exists, but a mysterious stranger soon derails me, stealing my resolve  with one look.


The closer I get to the monster, the more attracted I am to Will—the scrumptious yet infuriating outsider. Still, I’ll do whatever it takes to prove this isn’t just a fairytale.


Am I brave enough to face the Beast and survive?

Exclusively on Amazon, Free on KU

2. SHS E-BOOK.jpg

Once I fought the Beast within, now I have to trust it.


Only a name was left of me as I woke up in the woods. No memories. I’d been cursed. Then the Beast appeared. He hunted and killed, taking my humanity away.


Until her love changed everything.


Lucy brought me back to life, changing the Beast. But they took her from me… from him, and now they’ll suffer the wrath of the Lycan. He's made it his mission to find her, locking me inside once more. Yet, for the first time, I’m giving him full control.

We are coming for her, and I won’t stop him from killing them all.

Exclusively on Amazon, Free on KU

3. NIS E-BOOK.jpg

My life was built on death and secrets, but I finally know the truth.



The people I trusted killed my real parents, and as mysteries unfold, I know that I was born for a single purpose...


Command a kingdom.


As the Moon Princess, only I hold the power to end the Hunters who seek to eliminate all wolf shifters, and defend the ReinheitWölfe clan once and for all. But even with the fierce Iron Knight by my side, the threats to the monarchy have already reached us.


Can Will give me the strength to fulfill my destiny, or will the weight of duty destroy our love forever?

Exclusively on Amazon, Free on KU

4. QWP E-BOOK.jpg

Once I ran from the Beast, now I must become it.


As the new ruler of a powerful shifter race the fate of the world rests on my crown.


Except the weight is far greater than I ever imagined.


After losing the man I love, I’ll have to decide to either forgive or finally slay the evil Hunters. But when another enemy rises—taking the last thing I hold dear—I will risk it all, forming unexpected and dangerous alliances.


I am the ReinheitWölfe Queen. No one will stop me from defending my kingdom, and getting the justice my parents deserve.

Exclusively on Amazon, Free on KU



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5. WP E-BOOK.jpg

Transforming into a supernatural creature: Easy.

Wielding the power to create wolf shifters: Done.

Having a human girlfriend: Sweet death, please take me now.


My name is Gustav Von Reinheit, and after the queen of all wolf shifters rescued me from my evil pack, the eradication of our enemies became the icing on the cake.


Trading my new crown for books seemed like a good idea, until I left Germany, and arrived in the US—ready for college. Chicago, the city I chose for my new beginning, harbored a different kind of evil, one born from the ghost of our past.


Keeping our existence a secret and protecting humans, might prove difficult when a mistake pulls them into our world, and the malice I thought was behind me lurks closer than expected... inside of me.

Exclusively on Amazon, Free on KU

6. DW E-BOOK.jpg

Being the fiercest guardian ever created: Easy.

Having people fear the mere mention of my name: Done.

Falling in love with my charge: What was I thinking?


I am Zelin Von Reinheit. The Iron Knight. Faster. Stronger. Deadlier. For centuries, my line of guardians has existed for a single mission—protect the Moon Prince. But I failed. I dared to believe I could be something other than a warrior, and it cost me everything.


Now, with Gustav gone, a trail of secrets is unraveled, linking some of the most important Alpha’s in Chicago, exposing unexpected enemies, and dragging humans in the path of our war.


To defeat them, I’ll have to let go of who I used to be, and finally figure out who I truly am.

Exclusively on Amazon, Free on KU


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