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Dragon Master

a spicy fantasy romance

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Dragons are real… and I’m connected to them by blood.

I’m Braxton Storm, and I know nothing about my father’s past. With him gone, a frail mom, and a weird disease attacking my body, my life hasn’t exactly been easy. Still, I’m just another guy dealt a bad hand, right? Normal. Except, Dragons invade my dreams with such vivid detail, it feels like I’m one of them.


When a gorgeous yet strange girl appears in my coffee shop, I’m strongly drawn to her, but a girlfriend is the last thing I need. As I struggle to keep my illness at bay, I am thrown into full-blown visions of a world that’s not my own… and a daunting man in a demon mask. What the hell is happening to me?



Being a Skyborne doesn’t come without a cost, and my family has paid greatly.

I, Princess Evanna, am the only one left to protect my people from the evil threatening to destroy us. Fulfilling my aunt’s last wish, I travel to the human realm in search of the Harbinger of Justice—our only hope. Instead, I stumble upon a guy, sexy as sin, whose smile shakes me to my core.

I’m drawn to Braxton as fiercely as he is to me, but helping him means exposing my Dragons and my true identity to the humans… Not helping him, will mean his death.


Soon, we discover our destinies are entwined by a bigger force—one that cannot be stopped—and Braxton and I might be the key to keeping each other’s worlds from crumbling to pieces.

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I have the gift of Dragon sight…

At first, I thought I was going crazy, but now I’m training among warriors in a world I’d never been. Except, I know it like the back of my hand.

Coming to Caelisium—the Sky Paradise—promised to reveal the truth about my parents and the ring’s power, but with Evie no longer by my side, I’m forced to search for answers on my own. With each secret I uncover, more questions arise. Was my illness ever real, or is it connected to this place? And did the Warlock King truly kill my father?


Falling for Braxton is a weakness I can’t afford…

Being abducted by Raithian revealed a bitter truth. The girl who wants Braxton, cannot become the queen my people need to end the war. I have lost so many, sacrificed too much to let my heart distract me from my duty.


Yet, our Dragons are pulled to him in an impossible way, causing some kind of reaction. Something else is happening to him, and I don’t know how to stop it. I thought Braxton would be safe here, perhaps I was wrong.

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My connection to the Dragons runs deeper than I imagined…

The more time I spend in this world, the more I realize this is where I belong. The need to become an Elevated Warrior, and prove that I deserve to stand next to their princess rules my days, but there’s something emerging within me…


A force brings me closer to the Dragons than it does our people, merging our thoughts and emotions until it’s hard to differentiate between us. To make matters worse, the Warlock King’s dark magic captures me during an ill-fated encounter, demonstrating his supremacy, and setting off a power in me I didn’t even know I possessed.


When Lachlan confronts me, things get out of hand. He’s fighting to reclaim his place among the warriors and the princess’ eyes, yet he never expected I would stand in his way. And I can see right through him. What he truly wants is Evie. Unfortunately, his challenge causes the power whirling inside me to take over, accidentally putting everyone at risk, and leaving me to wonder…


Can I control these abilities and be the man Caelisium and Evie need me to be? Or are they better off without me?

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Coming to Caelisium was my destiny. One written in Dragon blood.

Here, I found my true home, my family, and a purpose that goes beyond anything humans could ever imagine. But my place in this world doesn't come without a price.

After a startling encounter threatens to take Evie from me, the soon-to-be-queen and the woman I love, my Dragon powers transform into something unexpected, connecting me to the same being I wish to destroy… The Warlock King.

Yet, the danger I pose to our people becomes painfully clear, uncovering the true reach of my grandfather’s evil magic. And so the price is set for me, even when I never agreed to pay it—the life of someone I love. As though that wasn’t enough, what Evie and I are trying to build threatens to crumble under the weight of our secrets, forcing me to discover who I can trust, before finally asserting my rightful place.

Now, there is only one thing left for me to do, what I was saved to achieve… Rage a Dragon War.

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Long ago, Dragons ruled this world... Soon, I will rule them all. 


Dragon Throne Part Two is the highly anticipated conclusion to the Rise of the Dragon Master Series. This book is 151, 969K words long, and the last in a five book series.

What the Readers are Saying:


EPIC conclusion! ★★★★★

This book is packed with action, magic, emotion, surprises, family, deception- and two people fighting with all their heart for the lives/souls of their people. ~Amazon Reviewer

This final book was fantabulous! ★★★★★

It’s been one hell of an adventure and I am sad to see it come to an end but boy has the journey been worth it.  ~Bookbub Reviewer

Stephany out did herself. ★★★★★

An exceptionally well written finale for the series. ~Goodreads Reviewer


Loved it! ★★★★★

I couldn't stop reading once I started reading it. I highly recommend giving the series a chance. ~Amazon Reviewer


I loved this exciting, action-packed and awesome book! ★★★★★

You’ll want to relax and put your feet up, because this story is quite the page-turner! The characters are amazing and the world building is so good that when I’m reading, it feels like I’m in Caelisium. ~Goodreads Reviewer



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