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if you love Dragons, Wolf shifters, Fae, sexy Druid Warriors,
endearing nerds, Witches, vampires, and even the slayers who end them,
then these series are perfect for you! 


**Dynasty of Blood Saga is an action packed series, and a Vampire fans must read. Step into an intriguing and captivating world of Vampires, mystery, and romance.


Perfect for fans of Bella Forrest’s “A Shade of Vampire", True Blood, and "Twilight."

Wolf Shifters...

A new and royal twist on Wolf Shifters and Werewolves…

**Full of magic, mystery, unexpected twists, and fantasy romance, Beast of Shadow & Light is the first book in a fantastic series that will keep you enthralled from the very first page, and leaves you begging for more.


Perfect for fans of Cinder and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Fae & Dragons...

**Escape to the epic world of The Winter Court Chronicles, in Forgotten Kingdom, book one in a series full of romance, Fae drama, intrigue, and deadly secrets.


A story that fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Iron fey, and Lord of the Rings will absolutely love!

Druid Warriors...

The best of Celtic mythology, captivating  romance, and unprecedented magic.

**The Ancient Magic Series is a riveting adventure, and paranormal romance about a quirky girl, a heartthrob Druid Warrior, and an extraordinary mystical world.


Ideal for readers who love Merlin, Twilight, and the Mortal Instruments.


An Academy series of Exciting  Greek, Norse, and Celtic mythology, magic, portals, and creatures with untold power.

Supernatural Taskforce Academy is full of magic, mythology, college drama, and romance. Scorpion Blood is the first book in the addicting upper teen fantasy series that will keep you glued to your kindle!


Perfect for fans of Mortal Instruments, The Umbrella Academy, and The Avengers. 

Dragon riders...

A Fantasy Romance with Sexy Warriors and Dragons!

Rise of the Dragon Master is a story filled with mystery, emotion, witty humor, sexy romance, mischievous Dragons, and their fearless riders who will capture you and drag you into a new adventure!


Percy Jackson meets a grown-up version of How to Train Your Dragon.


Soon to be complete!

WOF&I copy.png

An Urban Fantasy Romance filled with an unexpected new breed of  Badass Witches.

Witches of Fire & Ice is an exciting new take on the world of Witches. A wickedly funny romance, full of mystery, intrigue, and magic! Witches of Fire & Ice, introduces you to a world of Witches! Badass, funny, powerful, and VENGEFUL Witches. As well as a few SEXY  and mischievous Wizards, of course.

Perfect for readers who love Charmed, Sabrina, and The Magicians.



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